Saudi Embassy Attestation

Before submitting the document to the Saudi Embassy your Certificate must be Attested from local Home Department. Authentication is done by respective state where the degree is issued. Then the certificates has to be sent to Delhi for MEA (Mrinistry of External Affairs). Then only Saudi Embassy Attestation. Educational certificate must get offer letter attestted by Forgien affairs and chamber of Comerce attestation from Saudia Arabia .,*Only courses completed through REGULAR mode of study will be attested.

**For educational certificates Saudia Embassy Attestation will only done After Getting Genuinity certificate from the university by speed post is received. We can speed up the Embassy attestation by pushing the process of Genunity certificate process,Educational certificate attestation is experiencing unexpected Delays.Check out the new changes happened click here | Click here to download checlklist | How to Proceed Click Here for More Information Down Load Affidavit

We Don't Take below University certificates because of delay ,

Saudi Embassy attestation { Home / HRD + MEA + Embassy } Charges

{ Marriage Certificate / Birth Certificate } 10 to 15 Working days

Transilation is required to be attested ( New Rule )


Rs/ - 2500

{ Educational Certificate with Local HRD } ** Rs/-11000
Only Saudi Attestation Charges

{ Marriage Certificate / Birth Certificate }

Transilation is required to be attested ( New Rule )

RS/- 3000

Rs/- 2500

Educational Certificate {MEA+SAUDI EMBASSY} 45 Working days to 180 Days ** RS/- 6500


HRD Attestation is done from the states from which we acquired our certificates. For eg: if you passed your 10'th from kerala attest it on kerala. If you passed your degree from Bangalore you will have to attest your degree certificate from Bangalore.


Beware of Fake Attestation Know More Click Here !